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Nidhi Company is governed by section 406 of The Companies Act 2013 it represents a Mutual Benefit Company which is also called as Mutual Benefit Fund, Permanent Fund and Benefit Fund.

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Nidhi Company

Object of Nidhi Company is to develop the habit of using money carefully and saving wisely among its members. Nidhi Encourages its members to save more money and making good use of the available money. Nidhi Company is a clause of Non-Banking Financial Company. Having Nidhi Limited in their name is mandatory for every Nidhi company. Their core business is to accept deposit and lend between its shareholders-members only.

Advantages of Nidhi Company:

Secretarial teams of Expert Advisorz help you form your Part I Company in hassle free manner.

  1. These companies are formed, managed and composed by the company members itself, there is no scope for any unknown involvement.
  2. Due to their non-dealing with the funds of someone except their members, the rules obligatory upon the Nidhi’s by RBI is limited. These companies follow the Nidhi Rules, 2014 issued by the middle in respect of the activities and workings of Nidhi companies.
  3. As it is an in-house process which means it will be formed among the members itself it can be very easy to form.
  4. The loans given to the members are at a lower rate of interest than the market rate. This brings greater savings to the members.
Disadvantages of Nidhi Company:-
  1. Since the Nidhi Companies accept deposits from their members only, the funds raised are limited in accordance with the number of members.
  2. When the funds raised are limited, the availability of credit is also restricted. This defeats the whole purpose for which the Nidhi Companies are established.
  3. Although there are no strict compliances imposed upon the Nidhi’s by RBI, still their activities are governed by the Reserve Bank especially their deposit acceptance operations.
  4. The central government issues rules and directions governing Nidhi Companies from time to time. Therefore, they are not totally exempt from the regulatory framework.
How can we help you to form Nidhi Company?

Secretarial teams of Expert Advisorz help you form your Nidhi Company in hassle free manner.
We at Expert Advisorz provide following services to our Nidhi Company clients: –

  1. Digital Signature of Director’s: – As the application for Nidhi Company Registration is required to be filed online with Digital Signatures of the director, hence the process starts with the issue of the digital signature for all the directors/promoters. We at Expert Advisorz have a separate compliance department which looks after issuance of DSC.
  2. Director Identification Number: – It is a unique identification number allotted to the director of a company by Registrar of Companies. No person can hold an office of the director unless he is issued a DIN. DIN is required for incorporation and for all future communication between director and the company as well as Registrar of Companies. Secretarial team of Expert Advisorz helps you in allotment of your DIN.
  3. Name Approval of Company: – Name of each company must be unique and should not be same or in resemblance with any already registered company, LLP or a Trademark. Before incorporating a company, an application is made to the ROC for approval of name. Our Secretarial team will help you while deciding the name of the company and then final approval of the same.
  4. MOA & AOA of Company: – These are charter documents for the Company. The MOA contains the Name, Object, Authorized Capital, Registered Office, Association, Liability and Nominee Clauses. Whereas all rules & regulation of the company is incorporated in Articles of Association (AOA). The promoters need to adopt and sign MOA & AOA, which is then filed with the Registrar of Company. Legal teams of Expert Advisorz help you in drafting your MOA & AOA to make it suitable for your business and in truly reflecting arrangement between company and other stakeholders.
  5. Company Incorporation: – All the steps as described above finally culminate into the registration of the company with the issuance of the Certificate of Incorporation. The Certificate of Incorporation is the conclusive proof of the registration of the company. Pool of professional in Expert Advisorz will help you get your company’s Certificate of Incorporation so that you can start your business smoothly.
  6. GST Registration: – GST is a tax on goods and services, every company as per prescribed under the GST Law who supplies any goods or service above the prescribed threshold limit has to get itself registered under GST. We at Expert Advisors help our client to obtain GST Registration.
  7. Shops & Establishment Registration: – Every shop or commercial establishment is required to get itself registered with the labor department of the state government. The application for registration must be filed within 30 days of starting a business in India. We at Expert Advisorz help your business get this registration.
  8. Open a Bank Account: – To transact the business, the Directors must open a current account in the name of the Company. However due to complex regulatory requirement it often become a tedious task to open a bank account. We at Expert Advisorz assist our clients in opening their bank account.
  9. MSME Registration: – MSME stands for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise. MSME registration or SSI registration online helps businesses avail multiple government subsidies and other benefits of MSME. Further banks also offer priority loan at low rate of interest to these units. To avail these benefits, one should be registered as MSME unit. We at Expert Advisorz help our client to get registered as MSME Unit and advise them on benefits they can avail out of this scheme.
  10. Professional Tax Registration: – Professional Tax is a tax which is levied by some state on the income earned by professionals and salaried employees. Expert Advisorz help you obtain professional tax registration. 11. Trademark /Copyright /Patent Registration: -In today’s competitive and dynamic business environment every business spends millions of rupees and number of years in creating a brand Still, some of them fails to get it registered with IPR authority and thus loses the brand. We at Expert Advisorz help our client right from applying trademark registration to final approval of the same.
  11. Annual Compliance: – Once a Nidhi Company is incorporated the company has to comply with various compliance that is needed to be done according to Companies Act 2013 i.e. Minutes, Annual filing with ROC. Also the company is required to comply with various Income Tax and GST provisions. We at Expert Advisorz keep Hawk eye over the compliance which is required to be done on time under various laws.

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