Societies Registration


Society is an association of 7 or more persons who act jointly for the promotion of a common purpose. In India, Societies are registered with the state authorities and need to prepare memorandum and rules there under with agreement of the members. In India, the registration of these societies are done under The Societies Registration Act, 1860.

The Term Society is commonly referred to as an association of persons formed to achieve a common objective which in general are to promote charitable activities like education, art, religion, culture, music, sports, etc..

Registration of Society

Most of the state government have adopted The Societies Registration Act, 1860 as a tool to improve registration of societies and to ensure better maintenance of the society as per law. There are two types of society in India which can be registered, one is National level, and another one is state level of society. To form a society at least seven people must come together with a common purpose of being formed into society. In the case of national level society, there must be representation from seven different states. The process of registering NGO as society differs or varies from state to state. The application for registration needs to be submitted following the proper rules and regulations and relevant documents. The indicative list of documents is Memorandum of Association, Rules, identity and address proof of its members and affidavits sworn by the president or secretary of the society on non-judicial stamp paper with a court fee stamp.

Required Documents for the Registration of Society in India
  1. List of desirous persons with details: Name, Fathers Name, Date of Birth, Address, Occupation, Post held in the society
  2. An affidavit from the president that none of the office bearers is blood relative among themselves.
  3. A Power of attorney in our name/advocate to file, represent and collect the certificate of registration
  4. Signed Copy of Memorandum of Association & Rules and reg
  5. ulations of the society
  6. Proof of the registered address of the society: Sale Deed, Electricity Bill, Water Bill not older than 2 months.
  7. No Objection from the owner in the form of an affidavit

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