Use Tally on cloud for accounting with tally anytime anywhere and on any operating system . yes, It is Possible to Implement Tally on the Cloud. Businesses run better with Tallyprime and businesses run best with Tally on Cloud. Get the best of both worlds today. You can work on any mobile device like Android or iPhone, Tabs etc. 

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    Administrator Control

    Expert Data Security

    Enhanced Security

    Expert Data Synchronization

    Backup & Restore

    Expert Blazing Speed

    Blazing Speed

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    0.01% Downtime

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    Access 24/7


    A cloud service, which enables you to run tally from our cloud servers. you can access your tally from any PC or device, using any operating system

    Tally and data are hosted in high-speed virtual machines, in our Tier 3 data centers. Tally application is published using RDP protocol, which can be accessed from anywhere.

    Small Business, who don’t   want to keep headache of maintaining servers. multi branch business who want to have centralised tally, which can be assessed from all locations.

    flexible monthly plans to suite your budget and business size. plus it grows with your business, increase / decrease in computing resource requires 4 hours max

    Our Cloud Expert Support Team is Available for 24/7

    Expert Cloud Support