Over time, based on our clients needs, we have created a number of customized modules/services specific to various business verticals like Hospitals, Schools, Hotels, Manufacturing, Societies etc.it enjoys a reputation as India’s leading business management company.

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Our Customized Modules

customize Invoicin

Customize Invoice

Invoice customization according to your business requirements.


With uploaders you can instantly import data from Excel to Tally.
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Remote Access

Access tally even if you are not in the same network.

Barcode Integration

Use tally to generate barcode and extract data by scanning barcode.


Manage multi-GST tally of a Company in a single data with reporting for all GST registration separately.
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Digital Signature

Use digital signature to sign your invoice and other documents.
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Auto Back up

Take automated back-up of your data.

SMS/ Email Module

Send information to your customers/ suppliers and other stake holders via SMS/ Email.

Tracking of Duplicate Invoice Number

Track duplicate invoice number to avoid error in invoicing.
Godawon control

Godown Control

Control your godown entries.

Access Control

Control users through Access Control Customization.

Purchase Module with Indent

Service description goes here
report with image

Reports with Image

Use images on your inventory.

School Management

Manage all processes of school on Tally.

Sales Man Module

Manage your Sales Man activities through Tally.


In traditional way, Tally has been used for the sole purpose of accounting. But with time, the scope of its use has increased tremendously. This scope can further be increased with the help of customization. Its more like add-ons to boost the power of Tally. If there is a functionality you want in Tally , we can add it with help of Tally customization. 

If you have specific requirements and have a clear picture your needs. We will develop it for you and help you to implement it.  

We came from the background of accounting and consulting. Our founders are professional chartered accountant with more then 15 years of industry experience. This is way we know the difficulties, our client face and we are hell bent to make the work easier  for our clients.

We promise on time delivery and 100% satisfaction. Our customer support is dedicated to help you in every way. 

We have in-house developed modules which can be used to ease your work.

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