Entrepreneurs and business owners alike understand that adequate and well-managed funding forms the crux of any successful enterprise. At Expert Advisorz, we endeavor to help our clients secure the financial resources they need in alignment with their specific business goals and projections. Whether you require funds to kick start a project, operate your business, or foster expansion, our team works diligently to provide a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to your precise funding requirements.

Bank Funding

Expert Advisorz boasts a broad spectrum of bank funding solutions, helping you negotiate the complex web of financial requisites and making it easier for you to access the requisite capital. Our team of experienced professionals liaises with numerous financial institutions to facilitate your funding process and ensures a seamless experience.

1. Loan against Property (LAP)

Leverage the untapped potential of your property assets through our Loan against Property (LAP) service. Expert Advisorz help guide you through the process of securing a loan by mortgaging commercial or residential property, ensuring the efficient access to substantial funding for business needs.

2. Project Financing

For businesses undertaking large ventures, we offer Project Financing options. Our team collaborates with you to understand project feasibility, develop a detailed project report, and negotiate favorable financing terms with financial institutions to get your project of the ground.

3. Cash Credit (CC)/Overdraft (OD) Limit

To meet the daily operational funding requirements of your business, at Expert Advisorz, we can assist you in securing Cash Credit (CC) or Overdraft (OD) Limit facilities. Our proficient advisors help you understand the nitty-gritty involved and streamline the application process.

4. Mudra Loan

For micro and small industries seeking financial assistance for their ventures, Expert Advisorz aids in acquiring Mudra Loans under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY). We make it easier for you to access this scheme designed to extend affordable credit to small businesses.

5. MSME Loan

Navigating the complexities of acquiring an MSME Loan can be daunting. However, our adept team at Expert Advisorz can guide you through, ensuring an easier application and approval process.

6. Mortgage Loan

Whether for purchasing a property or raising capital, the Mortgage Loan service of Expert Advisorz can guide you through every step of acquiring property-secured loans, presenting a convenient and flexible solution to meet your funding needs.

7. Factoring

If your business needs funding on the back of invoice receivables, our Factoring service could be a perfect match. We help businesses sell their invoices to a third party (a factor), providing immediate access to capital and aiding in managing cash flows more effectively.

8. Letter of Credit (LC)

With our Letter of Credit (LC) service, facilitating international trade becomes easier. We guide you through the process of opening, amending and negotiating LCs, securing your business trades effectively.

1. Venture Capital Funding

Dreaming big has its set of challenges and we, at Expert Advisorz, understand the hurdles of transforming small-scale ideas into large-scale businesses. For budding entrepreneurs and startups, our Venture Capital (VC) Funding solutions offer the much-needed capital injection.

2. Angel Funding and Seed Funding

Laying the foundation for a startup is often the toughest phase. Here, our Angel Funding and Seed Funding solutions step in. We can connect you with high net worth individuals who provide much-needed capital to fledgling businesses in return for equity.

Private Placement

Boost your capital with confidence by making use of our Private Placement services. Expert Advisorz enables you to raise funds by selling securities directly to a small number of private investors. Our team assists you in finding the right investors and ensuring a smooth transaction through meticulous documentation.

Innovative Initial Public Offering (IPO)

While traditional modes of funding provide their array of benefits, for certain businesses, the public route proves most viable. Expert Advisorz offers a comprehensive set of services to assist you through the Initial Public Offering (IPO) process, facilitating you to raise capital by selling parts of your company via the issuance of public shares.

With Expert Advisorz at your side, you can navigate critical considerations such as valuation, regulatory compliance, and shareholder communication with ease. We shed light on the complexities of an IPO, fostering an effective journey from private control to public trade, helping you raise significant funds while increasing your corporate visibility.

For those wanting to tap into Indian markets’ potential, we offer the unique opportunity of Indian Depository Receipts (IDRs), a viable tool for foreign companies to raise capital. An IDR, much like an American Depository Receipt, represents a specific number of a company’s shares. By issuing IDRs, foreign businesses can trade in Indian exchanges, thereby accessing Indian investment markets.

At Expert Advisorz, we assist in the entire process of IDR issuance – from understanding its potential benefits and applications to managing the legal compliances and facilitating the final listing. Our expert team stands by you, maximizing your capital growth while simultaneously expanding your global market reach.

Indian Depository Receipts (IDRs)

External Commercial Borrowings (ECB)

If your enterprise wants to access overseas markets for funds, our External Commercial Borrowings (ECB) service can satisfy your funding requirements. Expert Advisorz can guide your enterprise through the process of borrowing from foreign resources – banks, export credit agencies, or foreign collaborators.

We provide invaluable advice on navigating foreign exchange regulations, agreeing on suitable repayment terms, and ensuring beneficial interest rates. Our team collaborates with you to optimize the benefits of accessing foreign capital, securing competitive rates, and facilitating the substantial contribution to your growth and expansion.

Strengthen Your Financial Foothold with Expert Advisorz

Funding, undoubtedly, is a critical determinant of your business’ success trajectory. With a galaxy of funding solutions at your fingertips; spanning traditional bank funding, innovative capital market strategies, and alternative foreign capital options—Expert Advisorz’s primary goal remains firmly in focus: to enable your business to achieve enhanced financial agility.

Our meticulously curated funding services, backed by seasoned expertise, open a world of opportunities for businesses of all scales and sectors. We are your strategic ally in navigating the labyrinth of business funding, ensuring that you can raise and manage capital effectively and efficiently in alignment with your unique business needs.

Embrace the freedom to strategize your business performance with confidence, while our proficient team handles your funding challenges with tenacity and finesse. At Expert Advisorz, we strive to bolster your financial capabilities, fostering business prosperity both now and in the future.

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