At Expert Advisorz, we provide a comprehensive range of business registration services, acting as your one-stop solution for various regulatory compliances. With an in-depth understanding of legal, regulatory, and financial frameworks, we aim to simplify the complexities of essential business registrations, accelerating your journey towards business growth. Our experts guide you through every step of the registration process, providing personalized solutions to ensure a trouble-free experience. Explore a study of our suite of registration services below, crafted to facilitate seamless compliance and business prosperity.

PAN (Permanent Account Number)

A PAN is an indispensable part of the financial identity in India. This unique ten-character alphanumeric identifier, issued by the Indian Income Tax Department, serves as a universal identification key for all financial transactions of individuals and entities. From opening a bank account, filing income tax returns to carrying out financial transactions, a PAN card is an absolute necessary.

Eligibility Assessment

We start our service by evaluating your requirements and assessing the eligibility for PAN registration.

Form Filling Assistance

Our experts extend their help in filling out the PAN application form, ensuring accuracy of information.

Attachments & Documentations

We thoroughly guide you on the necessary documents, their preparation and correct submission.

Application Submission

We help in submission of filled applications, overseeing the process to prevent any errors.

Generation of PAN

We follow-up after submission, ensuring successful generation of your PAN number and delivery of PAN card.

Requirements Consultation

We give a complete rundown on what TAN is, its significance, and the process of obtaining it.

Form Filling Guidance

Our experts provide meticulous assistance throughout the form filling process, thereby eliminating inaccuracies.

Attachments & Documentations

Our service extends to guide you on essential document attachments, double-checking the details for precision.

Submission & Tracking

We help in submission of filled applications, overseeing the process to prevent any errors.

TAN Generation

We follow through till the end, ensuring successful generation of your TAN and its electronic receipt.

TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number)

Are you a tax deductor or collector? If yes, then TAN is an essential registration for you. A stipulated requirement by the Income Tax Act, TAN is a ten-digit alphanumeric number that validates anyone who is liable to deduct or collect tax at source (TDS/TCS).

GST (Goods and Services Tax)

GST, the Goods and Services Tax, marks a revolutionary shift in India’s indirect taxation system. Adopting a GST registration allows your business to move with this shift and harness the benefits of a simplified and transparent tax regime.

GST Applicability Consultation

We initiate the process with a detailed analysis of your business to determine the applicability of GST and the kind of registration applicable to you.

Document Collation

We guide and assist you in systematic collection of necessary documents and proofs required for GST registration.

Application Assistance

We provide meticulous assistance during form filling and submission to ensure an error-free application process.

Successful Registration

Our team continually monitors the progress post submission, ensuring successful registration and receipt of GSTIN.

Post-Registration Support

We follow-up after submission, ensuring successful generation of your PAN number and delivery of PAN card.

Eligibility Evaluation

We commence by assessing your business set up for determining the eligibility for MSME status.

Registration Guidance

We provide definitive guidance throughout the registration process, clarifying every step for your understanding.

Document Preparation

We assist in preparing necessary documents and filling out application forms accurately.

Submission & Tracking

We escort your business through the submission stage, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free registration process.

MSME (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises)

MSME or Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises are the backbone of economic growth. The Indian Government offers a myriad of benefits like concessional credit, eligibility for certain preference schemes, subsidies, and more to ensure quick growth and development. Getting registered as an MSME ensures recognition and adds credibility to businesses.


A trademark represents the face of your business. It could be your brand name, logo, or tagline. Registering your trademark is a crucial step towards securing your brand identity and maintaining a significant edge over your competitors.

Uniqueness Evaluation

Our experts evaluate the uniqueness and distinctiveness of your brand identity, a prerequisite for successful trademark registration.

Filing Process Guidance

We guide you through the comprehensive trademark filing process, simplifying legal jargons for better comprehension.

Document Preparations

We extend helping hands in organizing necessary documents and preparing application forms for submission.

Objections Handling

If any objections or oppositions arise, we assist you in responding efficiently and promptly.

Successful Registration

We ensure the successful submission of your trademark applications, driving towards a successful registration.

Applicability Assessment

We begin by assessing whether your business needs to be registered under the PF and ESI schemes.

Document Compilation

We help in compiling the documents and other relevant information required for the registration process.

Registration Assistance

We provide end-to-end assistance in filling out the forms, ensuring accuracy, and successful submission.

Successful Registration

We ensure you obtain your PF and ESI registration, following the process closely until completion.

PF-ESI (Provident Fund and Employee State Insurance)

In India, any business employing more than a fixed number of employees is required to register for Provident Fund (PF) and Employee State Insurance (ESI). Compliance with such mandates not only elevates your credibility in commercial circles but also improves employee retention.

Shop Act

The Shops and Establishment Act govern all shops and commercial establishments in India. This Act regulates the working conditions and rights of workers, making it essential for every business structure, ranging from small shops to larger commercial establishments.

Applicability Assessment

We determine the applicability and requirements of the Shops and Establishment Act for your business.

Document Compilation

We guide you on the necessary documents and information gathering needed for the application process.

Registration Assistance

We provide meticulous assistance, ensuring accuracy and completeness in the registration application.

Successful Registration

We track the process until you successfully obtain your Shops and Establishment Act Registration.

Factories Act Requirements

Our experts clarify the requirements under the Factories Act and guide you through the measures to achieve compliance.

Preparation Assistance

We aid in the preparation of documents and procedures necessary for compliance with the Act.

Registration Guidance

We guide you through the entire registration process, simplifying each step and ensuring clarity.

Hassle-free Submission

We assure a streamlined registration procedure, handling complexities and ensuring a smooth completion.

Factories Act

Introduced for the welfare of factory workers in India, the Factories Act stipulates guidelines on various aspects like factory infrastructure, working hours, adequate health and safety measures and more. Becoming compliant with the Factories Act provisions guarantees a safe and fulfilling working environment, also meeting necessary legal obligations.


If you are a business involved in import or export activities, securing an Import-Export Code is an indispensable step. It is your primary business identification number in the international market, extending your business legitimacy on a global scale.

ISO Standard Identification

We begin by elucidating the relevance, importance, and applicability of IEC to your business operations.

Document Collation

 We assist in gathering and preparing the necessary documents and information relevant to the IEC registration.

Application Assistance

We stay with you from filling out the application to its successful submission, covering every aspect of the registration process.

Successful Registration

We ensure you obtain your IEC, tracking the process from start to successful finish.

FSSAI Registration

We provide complete guidance on the FSSAI registration process, detailing each requirement.

Application Preparation

We assist you in preparing and submitting the FSSAI application form.

Handling Queries

Should there be any queries or objections, we provide necessary assistance to address them effectively.

FSSAI License Acquisition

We ensure successful acquisition of the FSSAI license, positioning your business for public trust and legal compliance.

FSSAI (Food Safety and Standards Authority of India)

In India, FSSAI registration or license is a mandatory requirement for every food business operation. This registration is a testament to public confidence, guaranteeing that your food products are safe for consumption, aligning with stipulated quality standards.

RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Authority)

RERA registration enhances the credibility of your real estate projects and ensures appropriate protection of the consumers’ rights. Adherence to RERA guidelines sets clear expectations, fostering trust and confidence in your business dealings.

Holistic Assistance

We begin by elucidating the relevance, importance, and applicability of IEC to your business operations.

Documentation and Application

We help in collecting necessary documents and filling out the application form accurately, geared for successful submission.

Smooth Navigation

We help you navigate through potential hurdles with timely intervention, ensuring a hassle-free registration process.

Environmental Clearances

We assist businesses in complying with environmental laws, obtaining required permissions and certifications.

Licenses under the Drugs & Cosmetics Act

We guide businesses dealing in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products through the complex licensing processes governed by the Drugs & Cosmetics Act.

IT/Software Technology Park Registrations

We help IT and software businesses navigate and establish themselves in India’s technology parks, leveraging the benefits of regulatory compliances and infrastructure.

Other Registrations & Clearances

At Expert Advisorz, our services encompass an extensive range of registrations and clearances

Your Trusted Ally in Regulatory Compliance: Expert Advisorz

In an intricate world of multiple registrations and stringent compliance procedures, experienced guidance can be an invaluable tool. At Expert Advisorz, our team of seasoned professionals stands ready to join your journey and navigate through this complex regulative landscape. We comprise your trusted, reliable partner, whose primary aim is to see your business succeed.

We have designed our suite of services to effectively demystify and simplify this journey for you. Our objective is to relieve the burden of regulatory concerns from your shoulders, allowing you to channel your focus into your core business operations. Our experts will seamlessly manage the intricate web of regulatory formalities on your behalf.

When you choose Expert Advisorz, you’re choosing more than a service provider, you’re receiving a trusted partner, dedicated to ensuring a smooth journey from the inception of your idea to robust, full-fledged operations.

Simply put, we exist to eliminate your troubles stemmed from regulatory roadblocks. With Expert Advisorz, embark on a seamless journey, free of regulatory hurdles from inception to successful operation. Immerse in the assurance of expertise and trust, united to facilitate your business growth. Emphasize your core competencies, and leave the specialized work to us—your committed partners in success.

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